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The East End's
Easy Favorites

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Celine Dion, Billy Joel, Bread, Air Supply! It's all right here, on The East End's Easy Favorites!

104.7 WELJThe East End's Easy Favorites
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About 104.7 WELJ

104.7 FM, WELJ Montauk.
Locally owned and operated by BOLD Broadcasting, LLC.


We’re making it Easy! The new 104.7 WELJ, known as the “East End’s Easy Favorites”, is a brand-new format station featuring artists like Barry Manilow, Whitney Houston, The Eagles, Phil Collins, Air Supply, Backstreet Boys and so much more! With a new relaxing sound and a reminiscent library, the East End’s newest station is not only the best sounding station on Long Island’s iconic East-End, but has become a modern day tradition for those living in (and dropping into) the Hamptons! Sit back, relax, and turn up the radio. Only with the East End’s Easy Favorites!

(631) 201-5050

Long Island, NY

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