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Advertising With WELJ Is POWERFUL

Radio is America’s #1 Reach Medium and WELJ is the most influential radio station on the East End!


Unmatched Reach

Radio reaches 97% of Americans each week, meaning Radio has a GREATER reach than social media, Television, or Print.


Wherever You Are
In the car with FM, in your home with Alexa, and always online at!


Increase ROI
For every dollar spent, you can expect an average of $10 returned

Radio Matters
Often undervalued, radio is the widest-reaching medium, and even bigger in 2018 than ever before! What this short video to see how many national (and local) businesses are leveraging the power of radio!

There’s no time like the present to see how BOLD Broadcasting can maximize your advertising dollar and bring you unmatched results! Click the little message icon at the bottom of your screen to start a chat with one of our talented marketers to learn how radio can benefit your specific business.

Unmatched Reach

Nearly all Americans will listen to the radio this week. Of all consumed media, radio dominated at 97%, with social media and TV trailing by almost a third, and newspapers coming in last.

Repetition Drives Results
What happens when you turn the page in a newspaper? That ad you just saw disappears forever. With radio, your message is repeated multiple times daily for weeks on end. People will hear your message several times throughout the length of your campaign.


Radio Enhances Campaign Awareness
When combined with other media, radio enhances your campaign results, unlike any other medium!

Increase in Google Searches

IIncrease in mobile ad awareness


More clicks on mobile ads

Increase in newspaper campaign awareness


Increase in unaided brand recall

Far Beyond The Radio Dial
104.7 WELJ reaches farther than ever before by offering unprecedented ways for listeners to access their favorite station and engage with our advertisers!

The Connected Car

Radio captures 89% of all listening time in the car, that leaves just 11% for all satellite radio and streaming services combined! New car owners (2015 model years and newer) also prefer FM radio to streaming counterparts, as much as a 13X higher share of listeners!

Take advantage of our broad reach with both sponsored email blasts, contesting, and more!

Smart Devices
"Alexa, play WELJ" That's right, you can access WELJ from Amazon Echo devices, Google Home, Apple HomePod, Roku TV, Samsung refrigerators and many more!


The True Cost Of Radio
Advertising on 104.7 WELJ yields BIG results, without spending BIG money.


According to independent Neilson studies, radio generates $10 for every $1 spent! That VASTLY outpaces newsprint, magazines, and even digital!

About 104.7 WELJ

104.7 FM, WELJ Montauk.
Locally owned and operated by BOLD Broadcasting, LLC.


We’re making it Easy! The new 104.7 WELJ, known as the “East End’s Easy Favorites”, is a brand-new format station featuring artists like Barry Manilow, Whitney Houston, The Eagles, Phil Collins, Air Supply, Backstreet Boys and so much more! With a new relaxing sound and a reminiscent library, the East End’s newest station is not only the best sounding station on Long Island’s iconic East-End, but has become a modern day tradition for those living in (and dropping into) the Hamptons! Sit back, relax, and turn up the radio. Only with the East End’s Easy Favorites!

(631) 201-5050

Long Island, NY

WELJ Public File

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